Lesley Thomas is The Money Mastery Business Coach.

Known for her game-changing approach, Lesley has the extraordinary ability to help ambitious, results driven-women re-write their money stories, re-connect with their business purpose and drive phenomenal success.

Lesley A Thomas

‘We are limited, not by our
abilities, but by our vision.’

Whether you’re a start-up or a more established entrepreneur, you will be familiar with the frustration of under-charging and over-delivering.

Most of the time, it stems from self-limiting beliefs that create mental and emotional barriers that hold you back from achieving your full potential. By releasing those beliefs, transforming negative self-talk and creating a new money story, you can start charging – and earning – what you are actually worth.

An accredited Money Breakthrough Business Coach and Sacred Money Archetype practitioner, Lesley specialises in finding your niche, capturing your unique spirit and uncovering deeply rooted limiting beliefs. She helps female entrepreneurs focus on scaling their business by teaching them the tools needed to breakthrough their revenue ceiling.

My Story

Lesley’s passion and warmth are evidenced in her credentials, and her ability to nurture is matched by the emotional investment she makes in her clients.

Dedicated to empowering entrepreneurial women by encapsulating their individuality in a straightforward yet supportive style, Lesley is driven by her client’s success.

Working with Lesley will help you redefine your niche, re-write your money story, create packages that attract a steady stream of ideal clients and develop a newfound feeling of financial freedom. And as she so pertinently professes “The amount of money you make is only bound by what you think you’re worth!”

Why we should work together
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“Hire Lesley now! Everyone needs a coach. Lesley is one of the best and will bring you the results you want for you and your business!”

Elizabeth Hagen

“Lesley had a clear idea of where my roadblocks were and knew exactly where to start. She guided me through the process with an open mind and adapted her approach as we went. Her nurturing style gently lead me in the direction I needed to go whilst allowing me to have lightbulb moments along the way. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to my fellow practitioners and I can’t thank her enough for the impact she has had on my business.”

Deborah Grayson

Money blocks, money story, money mindset, money beliefs… the same way of saying, your relationship with money in your past, could be getting in your way today !

Do any of these statements ring true for you

  • Undercharging and over delivering
  • Spending too much time on low end offers
  • Feeling negative talk or self doubt is holding you back
  • Kept your fees the same for a long time
  • Trading your time for money

These are all examples ( and there are many more ) of money blocks. A behaviour, reaction or feeling you have developed, probably right back to when you were a child.