Are You Hiding Behind Your Fear?

June 2021

Fear is a common concept. People fear many things including spiders, natural disasters, illness, the dark, as well as the broad spectrum of failure.

However, did you know that it is very common for people to fear the concept of success as much as they fear failure? To fear that they might be front and centre when it comes to their brand? So many businesswomen in particular have a terrible fear of being the face of their organisation and this is often because of self-limiting beliefs and because they don’t realise their own value.

Do you have a paralysing fear of what success might bring? Are you afraid that you will lose your friends along the way (because of envy) or of what people might say behind your back?

Never lower the bar

Even if you are currently hiding behind your fear of success, don’t allow this feeling to encourage you to lower the bar when it comes to your goals. Goals are the ultimate challenger and they are what will bring out the best in you. Work towards thinking of success as a goal that will elevate you to be the person you always knew you could be, instead of thinking that it will alienate you from everyone. Changing your mindset regarding success, will soon see you looking at your journey from another, positive perspective.

Don’t look on as opportunity passes you by

Opportunities come in many forms, and even if you are scared of what they may bring, it is imperative to not let them pass you by. Think of it this way, you cannot let your current fear paralyse your ability to make the most of any and all opportunities that come your way. Fear will eventually dissipate, but opportunities don’t often come around twice.

Expand your world

Sometimes is it necessary to look your fear in the face and then simply turn your back on it. Yes, it might be scary but you will find that it is exhilarating as well! The only way to expand your success is to expand your world. And fear has no business being in that world.

Refuse to accept your own limitations

Once you turn your back on fear, you make it known that you do not accept the limitations you’ve placed on yourself and that you defy all negativity. The best way to give your limitations a kick in the behind, is to create a list of challenges and celebrate the achieving of each of them.

Don’t let fear get the best of you. Instead, focus on your personal journey to success and leave the fear far behind.