Break The Cycle Of Negative Thinking In 2021

February 2021

You will be forgiven if you’ve already woken up a couple of times in 2021, and sighed, before asking yourself just how much worse things can get. COVID-19 has put a damper on just about everything and at first glance, it might seem to you that 2021 is just 2020 on repeat.

If this sounds familiar to you, stop whatever you’re doing, take a deep breath and consider this:
Has this type of thinking done anything for you, other than make you feel depressed and negative? Have negative thoughts led you to any type of personal or business breakthrough?

If the answer is no, now is the time to break the cycle of negative thinking and get on with 2021 the way you would have if COVID-19 never existed.

Look at ways to connect with upbeat, positive people

The quickest way to break a long-standing funk, is to surround yourself with positive and upbeat people who want to make a success of their personal lives and well as their careers.

These are the people who will help you celebrate your victories, no matter how small they may seem. They will also inspire you to start setting goals for yourself and inventing innovative ways of reaching them, whenever an obstacle rolls across your path.

Recognise that failure is an opportunity to learn

Realistically speaking, failure is inevitable. No one can succeed at everything all the time, or magically do things perfectly the first time around. Learning from failures is the best way to ensure future success, however.

See the pandemic for what it is, but look beyond it too

If you are an entrepreneur and heavily impacted by COVID-19, it still doesn’t automatically mean that this is the end of the road for you. All pandemics end, and this one will too. Your positive attitude will determine whether your existing story ends with it or whether your ultimate success story will be the one that inspires countless others in what they too might deem to be a bleak and impossible year.

Passion + Action = A Plan

Let’s get back to the breathing exercise. This time take a deep breath and consider something else. Do you have a passion for what you do? Are you willing to take action right away to ensure that your passion doesn’t wane and take your vision with it?

If so, you have the ultimate equation for success: Passion + Action = A Plan

Take the plan and run with it in 2021

Break the cycle of negative thinking and get back to the true love you have for your start-up, brand or full-fledged business. Decide on a course of action to turn things around in 2021. Then combine your passion and action to come up with the ideal plan to run with this year.


‘Lack of action = lack of progress’
‘Action over perfection’
‘Celebrate the small things, not just the big things’