Convert Those Money Quotes into Your Own Money Reality

August 2021

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “you have to spend money to earn money.” Or “never spend your money before you have earned it.”

While reading or hearing these types of quotes makes for an inspirational moment or two, unless some work goes into making them a reality, that is all they will ever be. Just an ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ moment that quickly fades.

Turn things around

So, how do you turn these quotes into your own successful money story? It begins with the goals and dreams you have for what your life story should be. Your life story and money story are like two partners in a relationship with one supporting the other but without self-worth being tied to net worth. It is also important to look back and see where your original money story came from and what it has taught you, both positive and negative.

Define your own money story

Once you have defined the path your earliest money story has taken, you can start unpacking how it has impacted your life up until now. If there are any lingering unhelpful emotions tied up in your early money story, sorting through them is the best way to rid yourself of them. While you are in the process of doing that, all the money quotes out there will start making more sense too.

Decide on a way forward and keep to it

Once you are done unpacking your original money story, you can start deciding on the way forward as well as a new money story. If saving is something you never got around to, make that one of your new goals. Or if you are finding it tough not to go into unnecessary debt, hide your credit cards from yourself and start an emergency savings account for unforeseen expenses. These types of goals make for a great start to a new story that has the potential to change your life in ways you would have never thought it could.

Make use of the knowledge of others

As a Money Mastery Business Coach with a long and interesting background in corporate sales, creative marketing, and mentoring, I have seen first-hand the benefit that a new money mindset and money story can bring to someone’s life. It inspires me to help entrepreneurial women find their own personal success which encompasses their personality and drive. I am passionate about helping women overcome self-limiting beliefs that hinder their professional progress.

Let me help you do more than just read inspirational money quotes; let me help you incorporate them into your own successful money story.

After all, “if you don’t get serious about your money, you will never have serious money.”