Master your money mindset.

The objective of the ‘Let’s Talk Money and more’ Podcast is to get everyone talking about money more. Talking about money is still considered to be taboo. Many people find it easier talking about sex than they do money and that needs to change.

In the podcast my guests and I talk about money, mindset and how to turn around limiting beliefs, allowing you to develop a healthy, wealthy relationship with money. Our relationship with money doesn’t just affect our finances, but impacts every aspect of our business and most of all our own sense of self-value and self-worth.

By mastering your Mindset, you can in turn master the money you make in your business.

Lesley A Thomas

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Hello, it's me Lesley!


Lesley Thomas is an accredited Mindset and Money Breakthrough Business Coach, Sacred Money Archetype practitioner and host of the Podcast, ‘ Lets Talk Money and more’.

Known for her Holistic Whole Business approach to money make-overs, Lesley works with entrepreneurial women who under-charge, over-deliver and want to improve their relationship with money.

As she so aptly affirms, “Doing what you love and being well-compensated for it, only materialises once you’ve transformed your relationship with money”.


The Financial Freedom Collective - For Female Entrepreneurs


This community is your tribe. A space to share, grow and collaborate. For those looking to not only grow their incomes, but to create true financial freedom as well.

The Group is dedicated to helping all members overcome any limiting beliefs, preventing them and their business from reaching their full potential.

By Mastering our Mindsets, we can in turn master the money we make in our business.



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