Achieve Today, For Tomorrow

March 2021

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

How often have you heard that question? Or been asked that question for that matter?

What is your answer? The answer unique to you and your vision for the future. Not the generic “I just want to be happy, I guess” answer, but the deeply thought-over and decided answer.

As a female entrepreneur, do you want to make inroads in a male-dominated industry? Do you want to make your mark as a female business owner and provide career opportunities to the youth?

No matter how high you set the bar for your goals, a positive mindset and determination will get you there! All you need to start is a different outlook on your own ability.

Believe in yourself and what you can achieve

This is not a tired old mantra from hyped-up motivational videos. It is a powerful tool with which you can turn a negative outlook into a positive one. Choosing to be optimistic about the possibility of each day, will soon see you converting negative thinking into exciting positive actions. Even when you are fearful of tackling something new in your business, your newly minted positive attitude will see you through!

Spend time with positive people

There is no benefit to spending time with people who will only drag you down and drain your energy. Once you have chosen to be optimistic and excited about what each new day might hold for your business, you need to surround yourself with people who are on the same wavelength as you.

Write down 5 affirmations that work for you

Keep the door open for positive flow, but writing down affirmations you can relate to and keeping them close by every day. Remind yourself that you are worthy of success, that you are more than your self-limiting beliefs and that nothing can stand in your way of becoming all you were meant to be.

Write a letter to your future self

Every positive and self-affirming action you take today, your future self will thank you for! Start making your fantastic future a reality by writing a letter to the person you know you’ll be in five years’ time. Make the letter as descriptive and exciting as possible and remember to congratulate yourself on all your hard work paying off and all of the wonderful goals you’ve achieved.

You attract what you are

You may have heard the saying “you attract what you want.” The far more accurate version of this is “you attract what you are.” If you want to be great, you can and will be, and you will attract great people who will cheer you on along the way.

This is your time and your journey. Enjoy the ride!