Rewrite Your Money Story in 2021

March 2021

Did you start out an ambitious female entrepreneur, determined to be wildly successful, only to find yourself thwarted by a negative money mindset? Very likely you wouldn’t have even realized the negativity until frustrations set in over excessive time spent on low end offers and constant undercharging for great service. And when you heard that little voice mockingly telling you that you were foolish for thinking you could be a successful voice in the business world…

This type of thinking is called a ‘money block’ and might have developed while you were still a child.

Fortunately, you don’t have to hampered by these, often deeply rooted and limiting blocks any further. Instead, you can break down the mental and emotional barriers that have sprung up from your self-limiting beliefs. By freeing yourself from negative thinking, and self-doubt you will be able to write a whole new money story in 2021 and a great one at that!

Own your Money Story and not the one you were told as a child.

Your brand is your story. How you tell it is up to you. However, you need to own your Money Story and not revert back to how you thought about money when you were a child. Growing up in a household where money was scarce and parents worked hard just to put food on the table, doesn’t have to continue being your story now. Once you start owning your Money Story and realizing your success is only as limited as your drive, you will be amazed at the results!

Focus on your Why.

Have you ever really thought about the reason you started your business? Did you want ‘lots of money’ or just to be considered ‘a successful person.’ Or did you want to make a difference in the business world as a strong, independent entrepreneur?

Once you really start focusing on your ‘Why’, you can make a lot of great things happen.

Believe in your ability

Your ability to establish a memorable brand, is what got you this far. Don’t let negative thinking or negative self-beliefs get in the way of taking your organisation to new heights. The best way to start phasing out limiting beliefs is to write them down and then rewrite them in the most positive way you can. Doing this a couple of times each day, will soon see you thinking differently about things, and most importantly, about your own abilities.

Not only will you stop making excuses about why you can’t do it, you will find more reasons to start doing it. You will get out of your own way, become far more confident, and in turn attract your ideal clients.

Celebrate all your successes

Once the clients start lining up (and they will!), remember to recognize all your successes, both big and small. After all, you are the one that made it happen, by focusing on your strengths instead of weaknesses, and blocking out all negative influences.

You deserve to celebrate!