Our businesses depend on money.

Yet – somehow, the subject of money is often clouded in confidentiality and considered uncouth. But if you think about the fact that our money mindset impacts our potential, we need to release those beliefs in order to charge what you are really worth.

Through working together I will help you find your niche, identify your brand architype, clearly define your signature system, put attracting packages in place and unhook emotional triggers associated with your money mindset, so you can break through your revenue ceiling and truly succeed.

Throughout our journey, you will experience incredible transformation in your money mindset, by shifting your limiting beliefs, in turn attracting a steady stream of ideal clients and in the process develop your business in to one that you truly love.


Lesley A Thomas

You get to decide how we work together:

VIP Days

VIP Days give you the opportunity to get the results you want, fast. Through coaching together, you will experience transformation that will allow you to see yourself and your business through renewed eyes. Helping you to attract your ideal clients and increased income into your business.

VIP Day 1

Money Mastery
Made Simple

You will learn about the 3 Money Archetypes that have dictated your relationship with money. You will be guided through a day dedicated to removing your money blocks, creating a new and empowering money story and revealing a new money compass, that is designed to move you forward with laser focus and clarity. This workshop style immersive experience, will enable you to understand where you money blocks came from and discover a way to overcome them.

VIP Day 2

for Profit

A day focussed on helping you create the right client attracting packages for you business. Packages that will sell themselves and create clear marketing messages that will not only attract your ideal clients, but ensure they keep coming back for more. You will end the day confident that you will have developed a completely unique approach to serving your clients, with packages designed to offer clear results.

VIP Day 3

Your Business
in a Box

This is designed to provide a deep dive into your business, ensuring you have the right tools to propel you forward and create a business that sets you apart from your competition. Together we will develop a client attracting brand, hone your ideal niche, get crystal clear on who your ideal client is, and develop marketing messages that ensure the results you get for your clients, are magnets for future clients.


Three-day intensive courses


For clients who wish to cover all of the above, I offer three-day intensive courses, which can be taken over:

Option 1 -

Three consecutive days

Option 1 -

Three weeks

Option 1 -

Six weeks with a bonus session on How to Sign on New Clients


One to One Coaching Programme


For clients who would like more focussed and on-going support, my 121 coaching is perfect.

There are three options available

90 Day Coaching Programme

This is for clients looking to get specific on a particular area of their business, who would like the additional support during the implementation phase and to review progress along the way. There are three particular packages available

Package 1

How to become an Ideal Client Magnet, with ease.

  • Discover how to brand your business for success. Learn about the power of Brand Archetypes and to harness the powerful, unmistakeable authority within you, that will draw a client to you over and over again.
  • Fully nail the right niche for your business, which is totally aligned with the results you offer and provides a rich seam of opportunity to work with your ideal client
  • Create a Client Attracting Mindset, which opens you up to new ways of finding, signing and retaining clients.

Package 2

How to create a Standout Signature System, that markets itself.

  • Identify what is your signature system, for delivering results to your clients, which sets you apart from the rest of your market place.
  • Create your unique ‘Package Promise’, which provides crystal clear messaging on the transformation your clients will experience.
  • Develop a repeatable template, that not only allows you to clearly articulate the benefits clients gain from working with you, but creates the marketing messages that will ensure you stand out from your competitors.

Package 3

How to charge what you are worth and get it

  • Transform your mindset about what you offer and the results you help your clients obtain.
  • Discover and be fully aligned with, what you charge for your services and become completely comfortable with having a pricing conversation with clients.
  • Become fully confident in your own value and worthy of charging higher fees.

6 and 12 Month Coaching Programmes


For clients looking to combine the packages above, or create a bespoke programme, that is individual to them.

This would be created after a discussion about what you are looking to achieve during our coaching together. The longer programmes are ideal for clients looking to achieve breakthrough results and transformation across each of the packages contained within the 90 Day Package Syllabus and also to build in flexibility and the ability to have additional more individual coaching, particular to them and their business. No two clients are the same and I like to coach to a client’s particular business requirements, rather than a more cookie cutter approach. We are all unique and I firmly believe, we should all be treated this way.

What My Clients Say About Me

“Hire Lesley now! Everyone needs a coach. Lesley is one of the best and will bring you the results you want for you and your business!”

Elizabeth Hagen